Dot Net Training in Noida

.Net Overview
Ø  Web Services
Ø  The .Net Framework
Ø  Common Language Runtime
Ø  Windows Forms
Ø  Web Forms
Ø  ADO .Net
Ø  Languages
Functions in Visual Basic .NET
  • The accessibility can be Public, Protected, Friend, Protected Friend, or Private and determines which pieces of code can invoke the function.
  • The name of the function must be a valid Visual Basic identifier and should begin with a letter or an underscore.
  • The parameters are declared similarly to how you declare variables specifying passing mechanism, name, datatype and if the parameter is optional.
.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library named Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability across several programming languages.
       .NET Framework
       .NET Languages
Approved Curriculum
       The best .Net industrial training program delivered in Noida is by KVCH. It is verified that KVCH is the top institute for .Net industrial training.
       We cover basic and advanced level of .Net industrial training program in Noida with proper practical knowledge.
       Candidates receive hands-on experiences that provide the fundamental skills needed to produce an interactive web application.
       In this training program, candidates will learn basics to advanced level
Experienced  Trainers
       At KVCH, .Net Industrial Training is provided by highly-qualified industry experts or specialist having experience of more than 10 years and has hands-on experience in .Net projects.
       .Net Live Project Based Industrial Training provides candidates a way of enhancing their skills and knowledge.
       It delivers a great experience to the candidates of doing .Net project practically on their own.
       We developed an amazing environment in the classroom using the simulator in which candidates have to take their own decisions.
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